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RASBlox technology gives the world the solution to the growing problem of retainment failure. Together, with industry and government, we can save lives, create efficient infrastructure, and reduce economic burdens.

Excel Project Management Ltd. and the Genesis of RASBlox


Like most businesses, we came into existence to service a need. In 2003, after successfully managing major projects while working for the Electric Power generation industry in Alberta, we were approached by various industry leaders to develop a business principled by practical expertise. This expertise was gained through over 30 years of hard work, dedication, and experience in various roles from designing and fabricating to management, plus years of innovative thinking and problem solving at the ground level of projects in motion. This type of knowledge and expertise is not always found in academia or in a textbook. Our expertise led to several jobs which centered around trouble shooting and stepping in mid-stream to bring projects back on-line and on budget.

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The company was established with Leanne Simonson, as the CEO and President, bringing her valuable experience as a controller, and Bob Simonson bringing his formidable years of experience in mechanical and civil construction management. One of the first actions of the company was to hire more woman and others traditionally underrepresented in construction. Immediately, the company was contracted to a major electrical company based out of Alberta in their powerplant and transmission line divisions) to manage various projects which employed trades, service and professions ranging from 6 to 480. One memorable project involved installing a LM6000 (a 747 engine) in a power plant providing voltage support for northern Alberta.

We worked with CAP Management Services for Yukon Energy, installing a hydro turbine 400ft underground and a surface switch gear building which required a cast-in-place retaining wall. This was a project which presented unique issues requiring innovative solutions.

Working in the Edmonton area, Bob noticed the slow progress of various retaining wall projects in Edmonton and during his commutes to Alberta, the failure of new retaining structures in the Kicking Horse Canyon outside of Golden, BC. These keen observations precipitated the development of an innovative retaining technology - RASBlox.

Five years later, the process of designing the various block and archway systems, with their advanced internal design features and multifunctionality was achieved. The result of this work is an innovative system for building monolithic retraining walls and arch structures that are internally reinforced and can be used in extreme terrain where the existing systems are not practical. Over 400 CAD drawings, PDF drawings, detailed design drawings and 3D modeling have been developed by engineers in consultation with Bob. These provide a clear understanding of RASBlox’s application, of its positive economic impact, and importantly, of its distinct environmental and safety benefits. Excel Project Management Ltd holds US and Canadian patents for the RASBlox systems.

The Genesis of RASBlox

An Interview with COO Bob Simonson

1Have you always been interested in how structures are constructed?
I have always been interested in how things worked, from home appliances, automobile motors and transmissions, heavy and industrial equipment as well as major civil construction projects.
2What in your background, helped you to envision this innovative opportunity?
Most of my working career has entailed problem solving. When I became aware of some of the failings of traditional retaining structures including one on my property where a traditional lock block retaining wall was failing after only three years. I started to investigate the options available. It soon became obvious that there was a need for a better system. I noted the failings of two types of retaining systems and the extensive labour and time required for construction of some of the reinforced earth systems.
3Would you define your RASBlox technology as a disruptive technology?
Yes, I think our RASBlox system will definitely disrupt the infrastructure construction industry because we offer a more efficient system for some of the most difficult terrain projects which industry faces. This system provides a new and very flexible design tool for engineers.
4Recognizing that deconstruction often is a critical component of creation, did you deconstruct the conventional retaining systems in order to develop your technology?
Yes. I investigated as many retaining systems as I could find and didn’t find any that solved the problems I had observed.
5What core problems did you identify?
I noticed that some of the traditional systems failed in some instances and that they were labour extensive and had long construction durations. I saw the need for a system that was efficient to construct and that produced a stronger structure. Gravity systems like lock blocks are limited in height and load capacity and re-enforced earth systems are slow to construct. Both these systems are vulnerable to water scour and do not work well in steep terrain. These observations indicated the need for a system that produces monolithic structures which are more efficient than cast in place structures. During development of the monolithic system, it became obvious that the system could be anchored in steep terrain using existing anchoring technologies.
6Did you have a team of experts to help you work through the various iterations of the technology?
I have been fortunate to have a sounding board of experts who believed in my ideas and who continued to encourage me to make my idea a reality. After I came up with the first draft of the concept, I reviewed it with several construction experts employed by major construction companies and with numerous civil and structural engineers. They are very enthusiastic and believe the system could revolutionize the construction of retaining systems.
7What impact do you believe RASBlox will have on the construction industry?
I think it will revolutionize how we do major infrastructures in difficult terrain, and how we deal with the increasing number of extreme weather incidents. The increasing number and intensity of storms has resulted in severe and 100-year floods, plus extreme snowfalls are becoming the new normal.
8Explain how RASBlox will help mitigate the problems caused by extreme weather.
Our system offers a better solution for designing structures like bridge abutments and structures related to flood control problems because the monolithic nature of RASBlox is very resistant to water scour (erosion caused by water). Our archway systems allow for efficient construction of avalanche protection structures and bridges. Our retaining wall system is an excellent option for construction of sea walls to combat raising sea levels and stronger storm surges.
9Most innovators hope to create a technology which makes life better. Do you think RASBlox will do this?
I believe RASBlox will positively impact our society by reducing risks to workers and reducing environmental impacts from long duration construction projects. The system will reduce the duration of major infrastructure projects, thereby reducing the costs and disruptions associated with the projects. RASBlox is reengineering retainment solutions, so we can meet the many challenges nature presents.


Leanne Simonson

Chief Executive Officer

Skilled office administrator with an ideal record in the full-spectrum management of small business administration. Competent with preparing systems for managing information and documentation. Proficient with Microsoft Office programs, Adobe and QuickBooks accounting software. While working in the timber industry in BC as a Financial Controller, Leanne used her knowledge and accounting principles, bookkeeping procedures including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax collection and reporting, computer systems, and some inventory and document control.

Bob Simonson

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer of Excel Project Management. Accomplished mechanical construction leader, project manager and contract administrator. Exemplary record in the full-spectrum management of complex, medium scale, industrial construction projects. A turnaround specialist with a proven record of bringing projects on-track, on-time, and on-budget through improved coordination, planning, design, and management of contractors. Advanced skills in Microsoft Office programs, drawing and design review.

Phyllis Peel

Business Developer Officer

Experience in managing global EPC companies and global distribution with a diverse range of activities. Excellent record of working with the Business Development Bank of Canada, Export Development Canada, the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program, Alberta Innovates as well as with provincial and federal trade commissions. Skillful knowledge of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification process and Scientific Research and Development Tax Incentive program (SRED). Experience in the cattle industry as well as the construction industry. 20 plus years of experience in the field of education.


RASBlox is profoundly grateful to the following industry leaders and experts who are offering their time and their considerable knowledge to help RASBlox’s mission succeed.

Tom McGhan

Vice President, Project Engineering at the ATCO Group

Tom McGhan joined the ATCO Group of Companies in 1988 and has been responsible for constructing and managing large thermal stations and gas turbine plants. He was appointed Vice President, Project Engineering & Construction, in 2006 and Vice President, Project Development, in 2008. In this role, Tom is responsible for development, negotiation and execution of final project and engineering agreements. This role is critical in reaching final agreement on new business development opportunities. Recently, Tom has spent much of his time on location around the world, working on new opportunities for ATCO. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Bob Brown

Owner and CEO of CAP Management Services

CAP Management Services a Canadian company based in Alberta and Yukon. The vision and values of the company focus on mentoring future leaders of industry through professional development and job shadowing.   Through a strong sense of personal and corporate social responsibility, Bob seeks to build capacity and commitment among his staff with both local and international opportunities that deliver quality project management services and demonstrate effective community engagement. He is keen to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between his company and the Kesho Trust by bringing young engineers skilled in project management to assist in our community based work.

Originally from Ontario and graduating from the University of Waterloo, Bob now lives in Edmonton. He has traveled extensively worldwide and has volunteered annually with Habitat for Humanity in El Salvador, Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, and India.

Cecil Hassard

Chief Executive Officer/Founder of Coil Solutions Inc. and Ranglar Inc.

Cecil has been working in the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years. Cecil has journeyman Red Seal Millwright status and is a class 4 power engineer. Cecil has extensive experience as a senior business leader in the global oil and gas industry and has worked in the manufacturing of coil and drilling equipment for over 20 years. Companies he has worked for include, Nabors Drilling, NOV and Technicoil Corporation. His various roles in these companies, such as Leadhand, Foreman, Customer Service Manager and Head of Product and Maintenance Development add to Cecil’s success in business.

Cecil founded Coil Solutions Inc. in 2007, to address a gap in the oil and gas industry for high quality, custom built and reliable products and services. Under Cecil’s leadership, Coil Solutions has become a well-respected industry leader.

Cecil’s skills in manufacturing oil & gas stimulation and intervention equipment; his knowledge of operations management, heavy equipment, and pump system designs which include, fluid, acid and cementing units, led to the creation of Ranglar Inc., in 2016. Cecil established Ranglar Inc. to take forward the custom-built surface machinery arm of the company.

Bob Golding

CEO and Founder of Bob Golding Solution

Bob is a retired Industrial Technology Advisor with the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP); Bob specialized in natural resources, energy production, and competitive intelligence. During his 15 years with IRAP, he provided technical and business advice while supporting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to ultimately assist the companies with the commercialization of their new technologies and innovations.

Prior to joining NRC-IRAP, Bob spent 20 years working as an industrial Forester with electric utilities in Alberta and Nova Scotia and as a contractor in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of Alberta and Master of Business Administration from the University of Manitoba. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, scuba diving, hiking and photography.The RASBlox team will benefit from Bob’s effective, motivational leadership, from his interpersonal and team- building skills, and from his demonstrated analytical, innovative, and creative problem- solving skills.

Ray Simonson

CEO and Co-Founder of Glove Systems

Tech CEO and consultant experienced with large capital project management and construction software, building high performing teams, start-ups, fund raising, and selling enterprise software internationally.

Co-Founder Glove Systems 2018 - Designing and building Advanced Manufacturing technology to reduce risk in complex pipe fabrication.

Led the October 2010 MBO of Coreworx, a great management team raised $2.7M and closed the deal in four weeks. Grew revenue by 4 times in 3 years (68% CAGR) running with very little operating capital, a good team gets it done!

 None of us is as smart as all of us.

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