Why RASBlox?





These four pillars form the foundation of RASBlox.


RASBlox is a system of stackable “Lego Block” types of concrete block forms which result in solid monolithic structures that:


Standard Block

  • are stronger than other stacked block retaining wall systems
  • allow a wide range of strength and design choices
  • allow post stressing to be easily applied to sections of the structures
  • offer the design option to build structures to the strength necessary to meet or exceed the needs of individual projects
  • offer a variety of block forms which allow for exceptional design flexibility
  • offers exceptional speed of assembly
  • allow utility lines to be incorporated into the structure
  • allow for the design and production of any radius or sweep of concave or convex bends
  • offer flexibility of finishes that imitate natural stone, brick, etc.
  • allow for easy casting of designs into the outer face using common industry practices
  • offer the design ease of anchoring, using a variety of methods

RASBlox technology is the economical choice

Our containment solutions reduce :

  • construction time
  • initial engineering/design costs
  • the amount of required equipment and systems
  • the cost of producing and hauling construction materials
  • the cost of added infrastructure
  • maintenance costs
  • carbon emissions costs
The average Canadian infrastructure project runs 39% over budget and behind schedule by 12 months.

Ernst & Young, 2017

Planned and Current Projects in BC Cost
Kicking Horse Canyon - Phase 4 $601 million
Burrard Inlet Road and Rail Improvement Projects $67.5 million
Duke Point Terminal - Phase 2/3 Expansion $46.2 million
Harris Road Underpass and Kennedy Road Overpass $48.8 million
North Shore Corridor Capacity Improvement $76.9 million
Portside Blundell Overpass and Upgrade $39.4 million
Upgrades along the Burrard Inlet Line Project –Phase 1A $22.5 million
Zanardi Bridge and Mainline Expansion $3.2 million
Zanardi Bridge, Causeway and Rail Expansion $60.6 million


Safety is a cornerstone of our technology because safety must be paramount on every job site! RASBlox delivers a safer construction method by reducing the equipment required on a site, by reducing travel time, and by reducing a project’s build time.

  • Reduction in overall construction time
  • Reduction in crew size
  • Reduction in size and amount of equipment needed for construction
  • Reduction in need for repair and maintenance


RASBlox offers the construction industry a viable environmental alternative to the standard construction options employed in today’s industry. Our technology can significantly reduce a project's environmental footprint.

  • Reduction in the number of man hours needed to complete a project lowers carbon emissions from travel and other activities
  • Reduction in the amount of construction materials required
  • Reduction in carbon emissions because of site proximity production of RASBlox systems